Send Smurfs eCards for Free

Free Smurf Ecards
How Smurfy! Sony has set up a new site where you can send a Smurf ecard for free! Choose from characters such as Smurfette, Papa Smurf and Brainy Smurf. The cards have pre-loaded occasions like “Happy Father’s Day,” “Get Well Soon,” and “Birthday.” However, they also have some general cards like “Love” and “Thinking of You.”

When you click on the category of cards, it will open up several cards that fit that category. For example in the the “Thinking of You” Category you can get one with Grouchy Smurf that says “Thinking of you makes me less Grouchy.” Each card has the saying, an image, and the name of the smurf featured.

Once you choose a card you can personalize the “To” and “From” lines and then either have it emailed or download it so that you can print it.

Easy, cute, and FREE!

Visit the Smurf Happens website for more information.