Why Does Gargamel Hate Smurfette?



In the new Smurf movie, Smurfette and Gargamel vaguely mention that Smurfette betrayed Gargamel and that Gargamel especially wants to capture Smurfette out of all of the Smurfs. You might think that it is just because Smurfette is the only girl (which she isn’t really).

In actuality, it is because Gargamel created Smurfette and then she turned against him. The Smurfette that Gargamel created wasn’t the sweet, blonde Smurfette that we all know today.

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Why is Smurfette the Only Girl?

Everyone always asks why Smurfette is the only female Smurf. The answer is that all of the Smurfs were initially males. However, when Gargamel was trying to figure out how to get to the Smurfs, he decided that he would get to them through their hearts by creating a female Smurf. Gargamel fashioned Smurfette out of sugar and spice (but nothing nice), crocodile tears, half a pack of lies, the chatter of a magpie, and a heart of stone.

Smurfette was found in the woods crying and was readily taken in by the village. Interestingly, she was not the beautiful blonde Smurfette that we all think of; she started with stringy black hair. Eventually Smurfette started turning the Smurfs against each other until they saved her life. Smurfette repents and Papa Smurf casts a spell on her to make her “new and improved” (which is blonde and full Smurf).

In the videos below, you can see the actual Smurf episode where Smurfette was created. Smurfette has some really great (and probably inappropriate in retrospect) lines in this first episode. My favorite part is when Smurfette says “Do you like what you see? You will!”

(In future posts, we will actually tell you about two other female Smurfs that you may not know about!)




How Old Are the Smurfs?

When my kids first asked me how old the Smurfs were, I told them that they were probably around 30 years old. I can remember watching them on television around 1980. However, it turns out that the Smurfs are actually much older than that!

According to the official Smurf website, they originated back in 1958 as secondary characters in a story of Johan & Peewit by Belgian cartoonist Peyo. After decades of showing up in different forms in different countries, the Smurfs that I remember showed up in the United States. The Hanna-Barbera produced cartoon started appearing in the US in 1981 and ran through 1989 on NBC.

As for the ages of the Smurfs, most are said to be at least 100.