Where To Get Smurf Soundtrack

Smurf Soundtrack

Smurf Soundtrack

The Smurf Soundtrack for the new movie is set to be released soon! Although we do not have much information about it yet, it looks like it will be released at the same time that the new Smurf movie comes out and will be around $9.00-13.00 depending on where you get it. Here’s everything that we know about it so far and where you can get it:

“Album tracks include a new version of “The Smurfs Song/La La Song”, as well as Smurf versions of the original songs featured in the film: “Smurf This Way” (made popular by Aerosmith), “Rocketeer” (made popular by Far East Movement), “Back In Black” (made popular by AC/DC), “Holiday” (made popular by Vampire Weekend), “Ready To Go” (made popular by Panic At The Disco), plus five other Smurf covers. ”

Where to buy it:

DeepDiscount.com ($12.43, free shipping on $15)